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Business Support Solutions, LLC

Kate Nagel, Owner

Kate Nagel, OwnerI started this business in 2010 to fill an area where I saw a unique need: helping small businesses (generally fewer than 15 employees) that want to grow and thrive. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI, with a double major in General Management and Human Resource Management. I have also earned my Certificate in Website Development from Madison College, and I continue to take classes to increase my ability to help my clients. I have experience in website development, human resources, office management, customer service, and more.

I am the mother of three wonderful children and the wife to my fabulous husband Ken. Keeping up with my children, the oldest of whom graduated high school in May 2015, keeps me on my toes. When I do get some down time, I love to enjoy the quiet, read, and play piano. I also love to hike waterfalls whenever I get the chance.


I am proud of the work I have done. These are just some of the websites I have created. Check them out in more detail by clicking on the company logos below.


Harvest Moon Gardens Logo
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June Paul
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Making sure your website works for your company takes more than just writing a few lines of code. It means knowing who your company is and what it stands for. It means making sure your SEO is current. Most important, it means creating a website that grabs and keeps the attention of your customers.


Do you communicate with your clients on a regular basis? You should! Make sure you are in the front of your clients' minds by sending them newsletters full of fun, relevant information.

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Are you spending time entering data into the computer when you could be seeing clients? Do you need to create a database you can actually use? They are no fun to build if you don't know what you are doing. Save time and money by delegating the job to a professional!